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Ouch Luxury Whip 18K Gold Plated Handle / White Suede

Ouch Luxury Whip 18K White Gold Plated Handle / White Suede

Weight: 1.010 Kgs
Code: JS109

RRP £99.00

Make an impression with the elegant and refined styling of this finely crafted whip by Ouch, which is made with real white suede leather tassels and secured in a beautifully crafted easy to grip 18 carat white gold handle. It's the ultimate luxury tool for teasing, caressing and whipping foreplay.

The Ouch Deluxe Luxury Whip with 18 carat white gold handle features 54cm long tassels that are soft and durable and the attractive, real white gold handle is studded with crystals and easy to grip.

This whip is made from premium materials that will last and last, it's the perfect accessory for couples who enjoy tantalising S&M foreplay and are looking to invest in an attractive and well crafted tool that won't let them down.

Novices can comfortably experiment with the excitement of domination and submission with a whip that can be as gentle as it can be intense. The Ouch Deluxe Luxury Whip with 18k White Gold Handle is versatile - you can try gentle tickling and teasing sensations on the skin with the soft suede or firm whipping, depending on your preferences. It also makes a great, luxury gift that will truly be appreciated by bondage lovers.

Other whips that are made from faux suede with weaker handles don't last very long when used regularly – but the Ouch Deluxe Luxury Whip with 18k White Gold Handle is dependable and reliable and stays looking it's best for longer than those made with lower quality materials.

Box Contains

1x Ouch Deluxe Luxury Whip with 18k White Gold Handle and white tassels

Please note: the box may be slightly damaged, but the whip inside is perfect

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