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The Humbler

The Humbler

Weight: 0.500 Kgs
Code: PH019

  • Control and discipline your slave
  • Great for stretching and CBT
  • Made from smooth wood
  • Can be used for predicament and endurance bondage sessions too!

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The Humbler is exactly what a slave needs. It will control him, discipline him and show him who's boss!
This amazing device traps his balls back behind his legs, leaving them exposed to anything and everything.

Shaped to fit perfectly around the back of the thighs, it's smooth but effective. Open it up, slip the balls into the hole, screw shut and trap behind the legs. Then watch him squeal!

It's perfect for CBT and ball stretching. Place it on him while he is crouched down and watch him struggle to stand!

Or tie his hands above is head and watch as he moans and flinches with every touch to his sensitive areas.

It's also ideal for predicament and endurance bondage too. It just depends on how evil you are feeling...!


Made from Wood.

Humbler Hole - 5cm x 2cm (Square hole)

Total length - Approx 43cm


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