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Maskulo Codpiece Trunks

Maskulo Codpiece Trunks

Weight: 0.130 Kgs
Code: MAS003-M

  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Removable Codpiece
  • Stretchable tight spandex
  • Rubber look and feel
  • Rear Zip


  • Maskulo Size (Please check "fitting" in the description before choosing):

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To help you expose your masculinity Maskulo offers trunks with codpieces to provoke kinky minds. 

The codpiece is a clothing element with long history dating back to the ancient times. Brave and courageous men wore armour to protect their body but they never forgot to emphasize their manly sexuality - to be more attractive. The codpiece grabs special attention to a man's crotch and promises more.

These sexy Codpiece Trunks by Maskulo feature both a removable Codpiece and rear zip, giving you the freedom to access whatever you want!

Made from tight stretchable spandex, they have the look and feel of rubber!

Can be worn under clothing for descrete fun, or wear as shorts to show off your bulge in style!


For the tightest fit, choose your normal clothing size. (Eg a UK Medium = Maskulo Medium)
For a tight but more comfortable fit, choose the next size up. (Eg a UK Medium = Maskulo Large)


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