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Rebreather Bag (Screw Fit)

Rebreather Bag (Screw Fit)

Weight: 0.200 Kgs
Code: KRF009

This 6 litre Rebreather Bag will fit any of our screw fit gas masks and accessory ranges.

Made from shiny black rubber, it's a must have accessory for any kinky medical room!


Please note:

If you wish to use this rebreather bag with a gas mask, your gas mask may have to be modified.

This is easy to do with most gas masks, and simply involves removing the diaphragm on the in-valve of the gas mask and then blocking the out diaphragm/ valve with something such as electrical tape.
This will then allow the wearer to breathe through the same valve and will work effectively when the rebreather bag is added.

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