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The Ultimate Ass Lock 2.0

The Ultimate Ass Lock 2.0

Weight: 0.795 Kgs
Code: K230-01

Chastity in the rear!

The Ultimate Ass Lock 2.0 is the bigger brother of our Ultimate Ass Lock, and once locked inside, they'll certainly know about it!

Once inserted, the Ultimate Ass Lock 2.0 opens up to fit snugly inside the wearers rear. It prevents any unauthorised access, so you can be safe in the knowledge nothing can go in or out of their hole unless allowed.

With an impressive weight to the device, the wearer will feel that their hole is locked, and they will have a constant reminder of who is in charge in the playroom.



Unlike the original Ultimate Ass Lock, the Ultimate Ass Lock 2.0 works differently, almost in reverse. Remove the rubber band and, once inserted, pull the handle out. This moves the ball down the device and causes the device to open. A small hole will appear in the bottom of the handle, allowing for a padlock (not included) to be locked in place, and once the handle is pulled all the way out, a small button will pop out, next to the locking hole. When removing, remove the padlock and press this little button in while pushing the handle back up, and the device will slowly close. It can then be removed. Finally, replace the rubber band.

Control their hole with the Ultimate Ass Lock 2.0!



Lock 'im up from behind; deny access and padlock his arse up. The Ulitmate Ass Lock is a lockable metal butt plug which expands once inside, and can be padlocked to keep it in place (padlock not included).

Total Length Closed: 17cm

Total Length Open: 20cm

Insertable Length Open:10cm

Insertable Length Closed: 12.5cm

Closed Width 4cm

Open Width Aprox 8.5cm


We reccomend that you keep the band on if using as a heavy butt plug, but sliding the band off if wishing to open and lock into place.

This lock is not suitable for wearing under clothes due to the opening method. If you wish to wear an Ass Lock under clothing, please consider the Ultimate Ass Lock original.

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