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Home Nipple Play & TortureVice Nipple Clamps

Vice Nipple Clamps

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    0.100 Kgs
  • A less harsh bite compared to some others
  • Easy to open and close
  • Squash and squeeze the nipples
  • Connected by a chain, perfect for adding more weight!

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Vice Nipple Clamps
Vice Nipple ClampsVice Nipple Clamps

These Vice Nipple Clamps are perfect for those who like nipple play, but find certain clamps too harsh.
But don't be fooled, they still grip nice and tightly!

They work by twisting the screw to open, slipping over the nipple and then twisting the screws to close, hence the name Vice. They literally squash and squeeze your nipples leaving you squeeling with pleasure!

Connected by a chain, they can have more weight added quickly and easily, perfect for sadists and masochists alike!


Cleaning - Sterilise in hot, soapy water.