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Pierced Puller

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    0.120 Kgs
  • Give your pierced nipples some real punishment!
  • Made from Stainless Steel
  • Includes bodybar
  • Intense, hardcore nipple play
  • Easy to use
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    Pierced Puller
    Pierced PullerPierced PullerPierced Puller

    Detailed description

    The Pierced Puller is for those how are craving the ultimate in nipple pleasure!

    Made from Stainless Steel, simply unscrew the metal ball, insert the bodybar into the nipple piercing and then screw the ball back on.

    Once your nipple is attached to the device, you can start screwing.
    The nipple will be pulled away from the body further and further with each and every screw.

    Removal is easy too. Just wind the device back down, and unscrew the bodybar. Your nipple is free again... for now!


    Please note - this product can only be used with pierced nipples

    One puller included.

    Cleaning - Sterilise with hot, soapy water before use.



    Bodybar - 2mm thick

    Stretching distance - Approx 4cm from body


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