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Home Clothing Rubber Clothing Hoods and Gags Heavy Rubber Inflatable Watersports Hood

Heavy Rubber Inflatable Watersports Hood

Price: £219.99
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  • Weight:
    0.500 Kgs
  • Strong and thick rubber
  • Reinforced zipped back
  • Hair guard to prevent hair getting caught
  • Hand Made in the UK
  • Made from two 1.05mm thick rubber layers (2.10mm thickness in total)
  • Solid wide tube gag
  • Nose holes to allow for breathing during use
  • Bulb for inflation and release valve for deflation
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Detailed description

For those wanting a totally submissive feeling during waterpsorts, the Heavy Rubber Inflatable Watersports Hood is made just for you!

Featuring two 1.05mm thick rubber layers, when deflated, this hood's total thickness is an impressive 2.10mm!

When inflated, the thick rubber layers encase the head tightly, and the solid tube gag holds the mouth open wide, ready for any liquids that may find their way through the gag!

The hood includes nose holes, so that you can still breathe when it is being used with liquids, and the shaped trough catches any spillages and forces them straight through the gag!

The easy to use inflation bulb includes a twist valve to quickly deflate after use, and the zipped back is reinforced with rivets for durability.


This is one serious watersports hood!



Size: Measure around the forehead at the largest point.

                                            IMPERIAL                 METRIC

Small/ Medium                    22"- 23"                55.8 – 58.4 cm

Large/ Extra Large               23"- 24"                58.4 – 60.9 cm