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Sex Chair 2.0

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  • Weight:
    34.000 Kgs
  • Comfortable, padded seat
  • Various attaching points
  • Adjustable leg rests
  • Adjustable seat
  • Reinforced, strong and durable
  • Included stool
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Sex Chair 2.0
Sex Chair 2.0Sex Chair 2.0Sex Chair 2.0Sex Chair 2.0Sex Chair 2.0Sex Chair 2.0Sex Chair 2.0Sex Chair 2.0Sex Chair 2.0

Detailed description

The Sex Chair 2.0 from MOI is a highly saught after piece of bondage gear.

This comfortable seat is perfect for fulfilling your most intense sexual desires. With various attaching rings around the frame of the seat, there'll be plenty of choice to attach restraints and keep your captive in place.

The leg rests can be adjusted in height and the seat is adjustable and swivels so you can move it into the best position for your pleasure.

The back of the seat is reinforced and padded for comfort, just in case you're intending to spend a lot of time tied into it.


Included is a stool to sit on which is at the perfect height for anal or vaginal play.


Are you ready to take a seat...?

Please note: This product is delivered in 2 large, heavy boxes. It is recommended to have a friend or partner available to help with delivery.



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