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Home Bondage & Fetish Vac Bed Ultimate Vac Bed

Ultimate Vac Bed

Price: £347.99
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    12.000 Kgs

Our Ultimate Vac Bed is exactly that!

This incredible piece of bondage equipment encases the user inside a skin tight rubber envelope, totally immobilising them inside their rubber prison!

Once inside, the user can be teased using various methods... Feeling evil? We recommend using ice across their rubber covered skin.

They can't see, they can't move, but their heightened sense of touch will certainly be alert!

It features an incredibly airtight valve, one of the best we've ever had the pleasure of experiencing! It enables the vacuum to be turned off when the air is fully sucked out, perfect for those longer sessions.

This model is a "head in" version, meaning that the user's entire body will be encased including their head, creating a tighter vacuum and a stronger sensory deprivation feel. It has a small round mouth opening, allowing for an airway gag or hollow gag to be used.

You can even choose from the options below to customise your Vac Bed. You can choose whether to have a penis sheath, penis hole, vaginal liner or no hole at all. You can even decide to buy the bag alone and make your own frame!

Other colours are available upon request. Please contact us to find out more.

Made from top quality latex, this is an awesome way of restraining your partner!

Size - 1m x 2.2m


Please note:


Always agree on a safeword before play.

Do not obstruct the user's airway.

Continuously check over the user, and never leave them unattended at any time.
You may experience markings on your body after using the Vac Bed, known as pinch marks. These usually fade within a few hours to a few days, and leave no lasting damage.

To reduce discomfort to ears, you may consider wearing ear plugs. Please make sure they are secure before play.

Inside it can become claustrophobic, so please bear this in mind when using the Vac Bed.




Head Hole:
Neck Hole circumference in cm (Only required if head hole chosen):
If extras are chosen, please provide distance between mouth and genitals in straight line (in cm) (not following the curve of the body/neck):
If neck opening along with cock hole / sheath or vaginal liner is selected, please provide measurement between the collar bones (t-shirt line) and genitals:
With Frame:

Allow 10-21 working days for Delivery

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