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Gag Guide 101 - Choosing the perfect Gag!

Gag Guide 101 - Choosing the perfect Gag!

Whether you’re a beginner in the world of kink or an experienced S&M player, a good mouth gag is usually a part of your play. There are many different types, from full, open wide style gags to ones that keep your partner’s mouth shut tight, but which is the best gag to use? Read on to find out…


Just like most things, choosing a Gag is down to personal preference. What may work for one person, may not for another. Some people need to feel comfortable and cared for, while others want a helpless, submissive, out of control feeling. There’s no right and wrong way to play, but we know how daunting it can be when faced with such a choice.


After testing out so many, we know a thing or two about gags, and it’s time we shared them with you!




Hardball Mouth Gag - PH003

The Ball Gag

The absolute classic, and the one that you usually see in the movies. Nearly all Kinksters have at least one of these in their kit. 

The Ball Gag usually includes a leather strap, fastening behind the head, and nearly all are adjustable to get the ideal fit. Some also include a locking buckle or mechanism, allowing to keep the gag locked in place.


Hard ball gags

Most Ball Gags feature a solid, strong ball, often made from latex or rubber. The solid ball works well for keeping your partner from making noise other than moans, and may also help them to get into a submissive mindset (they will soon realise they can’t talk, and will start to focus more on the sensations of the session). It may not be the most comfortable gag in the world, but boy, is it effective!

Soft ball gags

The ball can sometimes be soft, allowing the wearer to bite down on during play. It may also allow move movement of the mouth, gums and lips, so will usually be slightly more comfortable than a solid ball.

Hollow ball gags

Think back to those days back in primary school when you played hockey with those little plastic hollow balls.
Now think of one of those strapped tightly in your mouth… not such a bad idea, eh?
Hollow ball gags allow air to flow freely through them, meaning that breathing isn’t restricted, and access can still be gained to certain parts of the mouth… oh, the mind boggles!





Jennings Mouth Gag - K207


Jennings Style Gags

Jennings, or Dental Style Gags generally have a rachet mechanism in them, allowing the mouth to be “jacked” open and kept in the open position. Although this isn’t exactly comfortable (we don’t suggest using them for more than a few minutes at a time), you get full access to the ENTIRE mouth while it’s in place! Ideal for dripping fluids in there, and they just look so damn kinky!





Hound Gag Head Harness - P218

Bit Gags

Bit gags are similar to Ball gags, except they have a bit mouthpiece rather than a ball. But I bet you guessed that already…

From horse bridle styles to puppy bones and even wooden bars, these gags really get your partner drooling and feeling submissive, but are much less intrusive than a ball gag, and can usually be worn for a little longer.

Some also include a full head harness, keeping the bit in the mouth and strapping up your head in the process!





Premium Spider Gag - K603

O-Ring/ Spider Gags

Think of shrinking down a hula-hoop to about a tenth of its size. Now, imagine placing it inside your mouth so that your tongue was sticking through the middle. Now quickly snap some sturdy leather straps on and enjoy the restrictive sensations.

The O-Ring style gag keeps a small part of the wearer’s mouth open without needing to open their entire mouth.

It prevents clear talking, but still allows you to communicate with your partner to a degree that you should both still understand.

The Spider Gag is a take on an O-Ring Gag, but just with spokes protruding from the mouthpiece. It makes the gag look as thought it’s about to swallow up the wearer… which when it’s known as a Spider Gag, makes it sound pretty damn scary!

They’re generally more comfortable than a Jennings Gag, but not quite as comfortable as a Bit Gag.





The Muzzler - K128


The classic muzzle prevents your partner from proper communication, perfect if you’re looking for some peace and quiet!

It’s a great tool to use on a sub, as they have to start communicating with their eyes and face. You’ll see some very sexy expressions as you stare deep into their eyes.
The Muzzle comes in various materials, including rubber and leather. The tighter you can get a muzzle, the better it will work, and the more restrictive it becomes for your partner. They are generally pretty comfortable, but make sure you keep checking that they have a clear flow of air.






There are many other types of gag on the market too, and our advice is to think of how you will use it before you go ahead and make a purchase. Are you looking to keep them quiet? Get access to their mouth? Force them into a submissive head space? Crack this, and you’ll know what is right for you.

Check out our full range of gags by clicking here!

WARNING - As with many kinky activities, although we’re sure that you all play safely, please remember never to leave anyone unattended with a gag in their mouth. Their airway must be kept clear and they must have someone around to help them if they need it off quickly.

If you need any further help, have a search around online, or feel free to get in touch with any of us here at The Kinksters.

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