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Darklands 2022 Update

13 Apr 2022
Sadly we can't party with you...

Venus 2000 Available Again!

13 Apr 2022
Venus 2000 Availability Update

Venus 2000 Availability Update

04 Apr 2022
Venus 2000 Availability Update
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Accessories for Machines

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Venus Replacement Shoulder Screw

Attaches the push rod to the disk

Price: £19.00

Allow 4-10 working days for Delivery


Venus Replacement Disk

Attaches directly to the motor shaft.

Price: £25.00

Sybian Stems & Springs Spares

  • Spare stems for use with the Sybian For Her
  • Choose between White Stems, Red Stems or Springs
  • Official Sybian spares
Price: £4.99

In Stock

Sybian Liquid Proof Floor Mat

  • Liquid proof mat
  • Use under your Sybian
  • Padding absorbs vibrations
  • Comfortable surface
  • Soft, smooth and sexy
  • Easy to clean
  • Pad can be removed for cleaning
Price: £130.00

Allow 4-10 working days for Delivery


Venus 2000 Penis Pump

The Pump is for recreational vacuum enhancement. It can firm a flaccid penis or enlarge an existing erection. With regular use, the Pump can benefit penile health.

Please note that the Penis Pump Size should be 1" longer than your normal receiver, so for example, a receiver marked 200-060-200 would convert into a Pump 200-070-200

Price: £44.99

Venus 2000 Replacement Circuit Board

This is the electronic brains of the Venus. Our current version is pictured and is 120/240V auto converting. Older model circuit boards are available.

You must provide your Venus serial # in the notes section at checkout so you receive the proper board for your unit.

Price: £79.99

In Stock

Sybian Fluidproof Cover by Sheets of San Francisco *EXCLUSIVE UK SUPPLIER*

  • Fluidproof
  • Sybian cover
  • High quality
  • Protect your Sybian from fluid spills
  • Breathable material
  • Machine washable
Price: £99.99

In Stock


Venus 2000 T Connector Hose

Head/Nipple Massager hose kit. Used to connect two massagers together so they can be used at the same time. This kit includes two 12″ pieces of large hose with a ‘T’ connector.

Price: £11.99

In Stock


Venus 2000 Receiver Assembly Tool

Makes replacing the liner material in your receiver quiock and easy.

Price: £45.00

Allow 4-10 working days for Delivery


Strict Leather Forced Orgasm Belt

  • Can be worn by male and female
  • Holds your Thunderstick (or other wand) in place
  • Force an orgasm from your partner
  • Features a small butt plug harness
  • Adjustable straps
  • High Quality leather
  • Fits approximately up to 36" hips.
Price: £59.99

In Stock

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