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Electro Jargon Buster

What does Bi-Polar & Uni-Polar mean?

Bi-Polar - This literally means two poles, or two contact points.
Uni-Polar - This means just one single pole, or contact point. It's also often referred to as Monopole.


Its quite simple really, just like attaching a battery to a bulb, you need two Poles ( - & + on a battery) to complete a circuit and make the bulb light up.

Electro stimulation works on the same principle.


Bi Polar electrodes work in the following way. The current is transferred between two contact points, or two poles, so these electrodes will complete the circuit themselves as they have both poles.

Uni Polar electrodes work differently. They have only one pole or contact point, so these electrodes will need to be used with another electrode. For example, a sticky pad is a uni-polar or monopole electrode. You will need another contact point, such as another sticky pad or a conductive rubber loop to enable it to work.

Please note: We DO NOT recommend using any electro stimulation product above the waist. Never use electro across the chest and heart region unless the product is designed to be used in this way.