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Getting Kinky With Your Partner

14 Sep 2020
Whether you’re into being tied up and spanked, clad from head to toe in skin-tight rubber or soaked through with piss, we all have things that turn us...

See! The vacuuming doesn’t have to suck!

03 Sep 2019
Vac Bondage is definitely on the more extreme side of fetishes, but it’s one of the most intense and enjoyable (and most vulnerable) ways to keep your...

Manchester Pride Statement

23 Aug 2019
In a sudden change to our plans, Manchester Pride have now moved us to the Fetish Market and we are only now able to trade for one day, despite tradin...

The CockCam! The latest product you need!

15 Oct 2018
The CockCam We just love anything new and loaded with tech! When we first heard about The CockCam, we were dying to take a closer look!  ...

Gag Guide 101 - Choosing the perfect Gag!

24 Jul 2018
Whether you’re a beginner in the world of kink or an experienced S&M player, a good mouth gag is usually a part of your play. There are many diffe...

Construct-A-Pup - The Modular Puppy Hood!

02 May 2018
Construct-A-Pup has arrived, and we couldn't be more thrilled! Could this be the ultimate puppy hood?

Capt. Berlin has arrived in the UK!

07 Mar 2018
Capt. Berlin has arrived, and The Kinksters are the first UK store to carry this brand!

Welcome to our new store!

26 Jun 2017
Our new website is here!

Electro Jargon Buster

What does Bi-Polar & Uni-Polar mean?

Bi-Polar - This literally means two poles, or two contact points.
Uni-Polar - This means just one single pole, or contact point. It's also often referred to as Monopole.


Its quite simple really, just like attaching a battery to a bulb, you need two Poles ( - & + on a battery) to complete a circuit and make the bulb light up.

Electro stimulation works on the same principle.


Bi Polar electrodes work in the following way. The current is transferred between two contact points, or two poles, so these electrodes will complete the circuit themselves as they have both poles.

Uni Polar electrodes work differently. They have only one pole or contact point, so these electrodes will need to be used with another electrode. For example, a sticky pad is a uni-polar or monopole electrode. You will need another contact point, such as another sticky pad or a conductive rubber loop to enable it to work.

Please note: We DO NOT recommend using any electro stimulation product above the waist. Never use electro across the chest and heart region unless the product is designed to be used in this way.



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