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Getting Kinky With Your Partner

14 Sep 2020
Whether you’re into being tied up and spanked, clad from head to toe in skin-tight rubber or soaked through with piss, we all have things that turn us...

See! The vacuuming doesn’t have to suck!

03 Sep 2019
Vac Bondage is definitely on the more extreme side of fetishes, but it’s one of the most intense and enjoyable (and most vulnerable) ways to keep your...

Manchester Pride Statement

23 Aug 2019
In a sudden change to our plans, Manchester Pride have now moved us to the Fetish Market and we are only now able to trade for one day, despite tradin...





What Is KINK?

KINK is the North West's kinkiest all-male night out! Gear up for some intense action!
Our venue is one of the best play spaces in the country! This is not a typical fetish night out!
Spread over three floors, you'll be in heaven (or hell!) at KINK!


  • An authentic underground dungeon, complete with stretching rack, inversion table, spanking bench and isolation cage.
  • 3 underground prisoner cells, perfect for storing your slave.
  • A dance floor and fully licensed bar.
  • A Fetters Bondage Wheel
  • A Jacuzzi, Sauna and Shower area
  • Private outside patio area (smoking zone).
  • Changing room and storage lockers.
  • Voyeur Zone
  • Orgy Room
  • Puppy Zone
  • 2 Large dungeon playrooms featuring a sling frame & harness, bondage table, leather suspension strap cage and shackles (plus lots more!).
  • Various smaller playrooms and beds.
  • Toilets on every floor.
  • Large carpark

What Can I Do?

At KINK, you can meet new guys, socialise, play and get kinky!

You can have a drink, dance the night away on the dance floor, or get down to some serious kinky play!
We welcome all Masters, Slaves, Pups, Handlers, Subs, Doms, Switches, Tops and Bottoms, so whether you come with friends or alone, you're sure to find a play partner!
The venue has a great license allowing guests to have sex anywhere in the venue. You can play down in the dungeon, in the corridors, or even on the stairs!

All we ask is that you be mindful of others while playing, and use care, courtesy and common sense.

Condoms and lube are available free of charge behind the bar and throughout the venue, courtesy of the Terrence Higgins Trust.


Can I Bring My Own Gear?
Yes, of course! We welcome and encourage you to bring along your own restraints, gear and equipment. Although there is a lot of equipment already at the venue, we find that a lot of guys like to bring along their own "kit", such as restraints, whips, hoods and other menacing devices to keep their slave under control!

We just ask that you keep your own gear with you, or in your locker when not being used. We can't accept responsibility for damage or loss of, or injury to anyone, from kit that you bring along.


What Should I Wear?
Get in gear! You can wear anything kinky!

From rubber and leather, to lycra, sports gear, uniforms, pup gear or even just a jockstrap.

Feeling particularly daring? Go nude! As long as you're there for lots of kink, we're open to everything!


I'm Nervous...

Nervous? There's no need to be! Come along half an hour earlier to meet other new guys and have a tour of the venue.

Grab a coffee and explore the venue before it all gets going!

Whether you're new on the scene or the more experienced kinkster, we invite all new guests to our welcome gathering and club tour, starting at 8:00pm.
Please note that this is strictly for new guests only. If you are not a new guest, please do not arrive until 8:30pm.


Can I Stop Over?
YES! We offer a range of different options to stay over at the club. You can choose from a private double room, a bed in a shared room, or even stop over in a prisoner cell! (Just don't expect any creature comforts!)

These are available on a first come, first serve basis, so if you wish to book a bed, room or cell, please follow the instructions when you book your ticket.

Breakfast is included (tea and toast), so you won't go hungry! We just ask that you leave the venue by 11am.


Can I Take Pictures?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow guests to take any pictures using a camera or their camera phone. This is to protect the identity of fellow kinksters, and to keep what is done inside the club, inside the club.

We will have a designated photographer around the venue, so if you wish to have pictures taken, please speak to them. They will always ask permission of anyone who features in pictures, and guests may refuse pictures if they wish.



Rules & Etiquette
We want everyone to have fun at KINK, so please follow these rules and you're sure to have a night to remember!

Please use all equipment with care. If you are unsure, just ask!
Please take care when you play. Make sure you use a safe word system, and communicate with your play partner/s.
Be courteous when joining in with others. Ask if it is OK, and if they would like you to join in. And if they say No, please respect this.

Always use your own common sense throughout your visit. If a piece of equipment is broken, don't use it and report it immediately. If you spill a drink, please let a member of staff know. Reached your drinking limit? Stop!
Simple, but very effective!



We encourage guests to dress up! Whether it's rubber, leather, lycra or just sexy underwear, we would love to see you getting involved!
Guests who are under the influence of drugs or drink upon arrival will be refused entry. We run a zero tolerance policy on this matter. Taking drugs on the premises is forbidden. Advance tickets will not be refunded in this case.

Please do not bring your own food or drink. A wide range of drinks are available from the bar, which is heavily discounted! There is also a range of snacks available.

Tickets will have your name on them, which will be checked against the guest list. Please bring the confirmation email with your ticket, along with a valid form of ID with you. We require all guests to provide us with ID.

No ID? No entry. No exceptions.

Lockers are available for a £5 deposit.



The venue has a full adult entertainment license. This means you can have sex in all public and private areas of the venue. The only exception is the jacuzzi for hygiene reasons.
The venue will be split into zoned areas.

Please read the rules for each zone before entering.

Please do not disturb a session.

Please respect others who are playing.

If you wish to play with others, please ask first.

Masturbating while watching others is only allowed in the voyeur area.

Condoms and lube are available for free from the bar. We strongly promote safe sex, and recommend all guests to play safely during their visit.

Please do not have sex in the jacuzzi.

We encourage guests to bring along their own bondage and BDSM gear. But if you don't have any, not to worry! There are still plenty of pieces of equipment for you to play on!

Wet wipes and antibacterial wash are provided in all rooms of the venue. Please make sure you clean up after playing. Hygiene is incredibly important.



Tickets are available in advance from for £8 per ticket.

Tickets are available on the door for £12 per head.

Tickets are non-refundable.

Tickets are non-transferable.

Tickets will include your name. Please bring the confirmation email with your ticket, along with a valid form of ID with you.



A wide range of drinks are available from the bar, which is heavily subsidised! There is also a range of snacks available.

The bar staff have the right to refuse any guest alcohol if they feel the guest has had too much.

Condoms and lube are available for free from the bar.



Taking pictures is not allowed anywhere on the venue, except by the official photographer. This is to protect our guests' identity. The photographer will always ask permission before he takes a picture.


Staying over

Guests may book a bed, a room or a prisoner cell to stay in overnight.

All guests must have left the venue by 11am the next day.
Tea and toast from 9am is included in the price.



How do I get there?
The venue is in a really great location. It's right between Green Lane and Rock Ferry Railway Stations (Merseyrail), and is just a 5 minute drive from the centre of Liverpool!
It's also really easy to get to from Manchester (Trains to Liverpool run every few minutes, and then just a quick swap onto the Chester or Ellesmere Port trains!).
It's even reachable from Wrexham and North Wales by train, bus or car! There is a large carpark to the side of the venue.

The venue address is

9 Union Street,
Tranmere, Wirral,
CH42 3TL


The Bar

You will need a locker key when you arrive, which is a £5 deposit. This also acts as a bar tab number, and your tab is settled at the end of the night.

As well as Spirits, Shots, Beer and Wine, a selection of Soft Drinks and Juices are available, all of which are very reasonably priced!
Tea, Coffee and Snacks are also available, again, all at great prices.

Using the Jacuzzi area

Using the Jacuzzi, Sauna and Showers can be a lot of fun! All we ask is that you do not have sex in the jacuzzi.
If you require a towel, please ask at reception. Your first towel is free, and if you need any additional towels, these are available for a £1 laundry fee per towel.