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Getting Kinky With Your Partner

14 Sep 2020
Whether you’re into being tied up and spanked, clad from head to toe in skin-tight rubber or soaked through with piss, we all have things that turn us...

See! The vacuuming doesn’t have to suck!

03 Sep 2019
Vac Bondage is definitely on the more extreme side of fetishes, but it’s one of the most intense and enjoyable (and most vulnerable) ways to keep your...

Manchester Pride Statement

23 Aug 2019
In a sudden change to our plans, Manchester Pride have now moved us to the Fetish Market and we are only now able to trade for one day, despite tradin...

The CockCam! The latest product you need!

15 Oct 2018
The CockCam We just love anything new and loaded with tech! When we first heard about The CockCam, we were dying to take a closer look!  ...

Gag Guide 101 - Choosing the perfect Gag!

24 Jul 2018
Whether you’re a beginner in the world of kink or an experienced S&M player, a good mouth gag is usually a part of your play. There are many diffe...

Construct-A-Pup - The Modular Puppy Hood!

02 May 2018
Construct-A-Pup has arrived, and we couldn't be more thrilled! Could this be the ultimate puppy hood?

Capt. Berlin has arrived in the UK!

07 Mar 2018
Capt. Berlin has arrived, and The Kinksters are the first UK store to carry this brand!

Welcome to our new store!

26 Jun 2017
Our new website is here!

Marketplace T&Cs

Selling in detail

Contacting us:

Before you sell with us, you must contact us by the Marketplace form. This form includes all the necessary fields for us to list your product. You must fill in all of the fields and include at least 1 image of the product you wish to sell.

Once we have this information, one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible and will discuss any potential issues or ask for more information if required.

Once you have agreed and are happy, we will provide you with the address to ship the product to. Products must be in resonable condition and must be cleaned before sending to us.

Sending your products to us:

Once you are happy and we have agreed to accept your product, we will give you the address to ship it to. The costs of this shipping will be down to you. Usually Royal Mail 2nd Class will be enough, although if you wish to insure it and include extra protection, you may. Please note that we cannot be held responsible if the items go missing in transit to us.

Once we have your product:
As soon as we receive the item you wish to sell, it will be processed and sorted in our warehouse. We will photograph and list your product (this may take up to 3 days depending on the product) and you should see it live in our Marketplace. We will keep it live on our website and notify you of when it sells.


When your product sells:

When a customer decides to buy your product, we will let you know. The product will be shipped out to the customer by us and we will add your details to the payment queue.

You payment (minus marketplace fees) will be paid around a week after the product sells (public holidays etc may affect this period slightly).





The fees for listing on our Marketplace are as follows:

Listing fee – £5

This fee is standard for all products, regardless of the price the product sells for. It covers the cost of photographing and listing your product.

Selling fee – 20%

Once your product sells, you will be paid your final fee. This will be the price the product sells for minus the 20% selling fee. This fee covers costs such as packing materials, administration fees and payment processing fees.


For example, if you decide to sell a Rubber Suit, and decide to list it for £100:

Initial £5 listing fee

Suit sells for £100

£100 – 20% selling fee = £80


So you would earn £80 with minimal effort!



If you decide to cancel your listing after you have sent it to us (whether you have paid the listing fee or not), you will need to pay postage to have the product returned to you.

You may ask for a return at any point in selling with us.


What happens if my product doesn’t sell?
If your product doesn’t sell after a period of time, we may get back in touch with you to discuss your options. You may consider reducing your asking price or may just decide to cancel the sale of your product and have the product returned to you (see Returns above).


What can I sell?
Products you can sell:

  • Rubber garments
  • Leather garments
  • Neoprene garments
  • Hoods/ masks and gas masks (without filters)
  • Restraints
  • Metal bondage products
  • Bondage furniture
  • Strait jackets/ sleepsacks etc
  • And more

Other products can also be sold too. Please fill in our marketplace form and we will let you know.


What can’t I sell?
You can’t sell the following types of product. This is due to health and hygiene reasons:

  • Dildos and insertables (of any type)
  • Cock rings, pumps etc
  • Poppers, bongs and gas mask filters.

We reserve the right to refuse any product if we believe the product is not suitable to be sold in the Marketplace.

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