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ElectraStim Jack Socket

Price: £79.99
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    0.501 Kgs
  • Compact, Realistic Conductive Stroker
  • Stroke and stimulate your way to a mind blowing orgasm!
  • Lifelike feel
  • Textured internal liner to stimulate in the most intense way
  • Works with all Electrastim power boxes
  • Can be used with other power boxes too (may require adapter)
  • 2mm connection



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Detailed description

Men's electro sex toys have come a long way in the last 10 years and thanks to modern technology, Electrastim are able to create groundbreaking new toys that push the erotic boundaries of e-stim even further.

The ElectraStim Jack Socket is a compact realistic stroker with a difference. It has a curvaceous internal texture, skin-like movement and a lifelike feel, but the similarities with other men's sex toys ends there.

The sensation of E-stim pulsating through a man’s cock is one of the deepest sexual pleasures he might experience in his lifetime. The intense erotic throbbing, the pre-cum dripping in anticipation of orgasm and that explosive, final release…

Electro cock rings make an amazing enhancement to foreplay and masturbation, but what if you could intensify the pleasure of your stroke by harnessing the power of electrostimulation? The Jack Socket is a unique electro sex toy that was designed especially for cock play. It combines the realistic sensations of a stroker with the addictive orgasmic feel of erotic electrostimulation.

The flexible case has 2mm inputs for connection to any ElectraStim stimulator. There are even adapters available for use with other e-stim units and TENs machines. The unique design allows sensation to travel through the realistic TPE sleeve, giving you the pleasure of a realistic stroking experience while you lose your inhibitions to that unmistakeable electrosex throb.

The ElectraStim Jack Socket is a men’s sex toy designed to be used in combination with electro-conductive gel (included) and water-based lube (sample included). An ElectraStim Stimulator or other e-stim device is required to create the sensations described. Takes 2mm pin connection, adapters are available.

  • Platinum-cured, medical grade silicone & TPE construction
  • Designed for e-stim male masturbation
  • Includes 60ml conductive gel and lube sample
  • Requires an ElectraStim Stimulator or other power box.
  • Multilanguage instructions included


  • Stroker case and internal components
  • Non-anatomical realistic inner sleeve
  • 60g tube of electro conductive gel
  • Simple of lubricant
  • Instructions (EN, FR, DE, NL,ES, IT)

ElectraStim Stimulators sold separately. Replacement inner sleeves available.


Take apart to clean with water followed by an antibacterial sex toy cleaner. Occasionally dust TPE inner with cornflour/corn-starch after cleaning to maintain suppleness and extend life.



Inner Sleeve length (opened-ended): 100mm (4″)

Orifice minimum diameter: 25mm (1″)

Orifice maximum diameter: 45mm (1.75″)

Connector Size: 2mm (adapters available for 4mm systems)


Medical grade platinum cured silicone outer sleeve

TPE realistic feel inner sleeve

Conductive rubber inserts


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