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Sybian With Matching Stool - Playful Pink

Price: £1,559.99
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  • Weight:
    15.950 Kgs
  • The world's most famous sex machine
  • Ultimate climax time and time again
  • Groundbreaking design
  • Independent vibration and rotation
  • Various inserts and stimulation attachments
  • Variable speed and vibration settings
  • Experience multiple orgasms
  • Includes stool, lubricant and accessories


Accessory Pack Choice (See images):
Optional Special Inserts Package (See images):
Lifetime Warranty:
Sheets of San Francisco Machine Washable Fluidproof Cover:

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Detailed description

The Kinksters are proud to be official UK suppliers of the Sybian!

The Sybian is the pinnacle of self-gratification for women. This precision sexual aid allows you to experience the ultimate climax time and time again. Its ground-breaking design redefines stimulation through the use of two fully independent vibration and rotation movements. A vaginal insert rotates and vibrates inside the vagina, while the area in contact with the vulva vibrates as well. Separate controls allow independent regulation of vibration and rotation over a wide range of speeds.

Erogenous Indulgence

Sybian provides simultaneous stimulation of both the clitoris and Grafenberg Spot (better known as the G-Spot). The dual stimulation of these areas produces intense and deeply satisfying orgasms.

Explore Your Sensitivity

Unfortunately; many women do not experience their full sexual capacity. Achieving climax is the result of exploring your sexual sensitivity. With the Sybian’s user controlled movements, you are able to experience sensations from gentle to intense and will develop a better understanding of how your body responds to different stimulation. As you continue to develop your orgasmic potential, everything you learn and experience with Sybian can be translated and explored with your partner.

Learn to Experience Multiple Orgasms

The reality of multiple orgasms is elusive for many women. As you explore your sexual capacity with Sybian, you can discover what stimulation is needed for you to achieve and enjoy multiple orgasms. Take what you learn from this experience and incorporate it with your partner to experience this ultimate ecstasy together.

The Ultimate Alternative to a Partner

Whenever your partner isn’t available, or you simply choose not to have one, Sybian is the safe and rewarding alternative. Allow yourself to escape and relax through intense sexual pleasure with Sybian, anytime you want for as long as you desire.

Unparalleled By Any Other Device

Sybian is a precision built machine designed to provide a lifetime of pleasure. Its user-controlled vibration and rotation speeds, accurate approximation of the male form, and ability to be mounted exceed the features of any other device on the market.

Grow and Enhance Your Sexual Passion

Sybian is the most sophisticated sexual aid available. Its unequalled design enables its users to heighten their sexual responsiveness and achieve maximum pleasure. Whether you’re using Sybian to continue to grow your sexual responsiveness or with your partner as a prelude or extension to lovemaking, your experience with Sybian will take you to new heights each and every time you use it.


Sybian helps to reduce stress and tension by allowing you to achieve sexual release anytime you wish. This not only leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed, but also helps to reduce the negative impact that stress has on your body. The Sybian is a sensually provocative instrument that delivers euphoric results every time!


What Is Included:

Accessory Pack (choose in options)

Detachable Power Cord

Matching Stool

Sliquid Lube

Spare 6.3 Amp Fuse

5 Year Warranty

Instruction Manual

Springs & White Stems


UK Customers

Buying within the UK, the price also includes:

All Import shipping costs, Import Duties, VAT, Courier Import Fees (usually in excess of $460) and either a UK or EU Power Cord.

(All you pay is the price below and a delivery charge quoted at checkout before you commit to buy)

Also, no custom declarations on your parcel.


Customers outside of the UK

Please contact us via our contact form for a price. (Click "Contact Us" at the bottom of the homepage.)




Why not add the Sybian Special Inserts Package for just £189?

Package (Includes 6 other inserts not part of the Basic Sybian Package)  Finger + GMini + GMax + XLarge Cover + Jumbo Cover + Double.


Why not add the Sybian Lifetime Warranty?

Our unprecedented five-year warranty covers all working parts of your Sybian. If you wish to extend this coverage for the lifetime of your machine, we invite to you take advantage of this offer.

A lifetime warranty is not transferable and is only available to the original owner at any time within the original 5 years of ownership. The lifetime warranty fee will only be refunded with Sybian if purchased at the same time as your machine.

The 5-year and lifetime warranties do not cover physical damage. The padded cover and attachments have a 180 day warranty against defects.

Should a Sybian need repaired and is under the 5 year or lifetime warranty, shipping to and from our service centre is the owner’s responsibility. We are available to help you solve any problems or issues.


Technical Specifications

Weight and Dimensions:

Weight: 22lbs. The Sybian has finger grips integrated into the machine to make portability extremely easy. Height: 8.5” to top of padded cover, 10” overall. Width: 13.25” Length: 12.5”

Motors and Mechanical Parts:

Rotation Motor: Bodine Electric Company 1/22nd HP, 20:1 ratio Gearmotor controllable from 0 to 150 RPM. Vibration Motor: Bodine Electric Company 1/16th HP controllable from 0 to 6000 RPM. We use the highest quality internal components that, in general, should never need replaced. Your Sybian is designed to provide a lifetime of worry free, maintenance free pleasure.


In 2013, our 26th year, we began installing a control that adjusts to all voltages of electricity. If your unit has a serial # above ten million, you may take it anywhere in the world and plug it in with confidence. On/Off switches and speed control knobs are attached to a 52" cable for your convenience. Rotation and vibration are independently controlled. All Sybian's sold in the USA and Canada will include a detachable 8' power cord that plugs into a fused inlet for convenience and protection. Persons in all other countries must locate a power cord locally.


The main housing of the Sybian is constructed of a composite material that will withstand over 1000 lbs. of weight or pressure. The housing has a high quality Naugahyde cover that can be washed and has the durability to hold up to any good cleaning agents.


All Sybian attachments are constructed out of C-Flex® and can be thoroughly washed in the sink after each use. Note: C-Flex® is a family of patented thermoplastic elastomers which range in hardness from 5 shore A to 95 shore A. C-Flex® TPE's are biocompatible polymer blends which meet or exceed the current United States Pharmacopoeia Class VI test requirements. C-Flex® does not contain latex rubber, polyvinyl chloride, silicone rubber, or polyurethane.


Keep your Sybian clean and fresh with a machine washable Sheets of San Francisco fluidproof cover! Protect your Sybian from spills with a silky smooth, premium cover! Just select one in the options to add one to your order.