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Home Essentials Accessories MOI Steel Inhaler

MOI Steel Inhaler

Price: £29.99
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    0.120 Kgs
  • Carry your favourite aroma around your neck
  • No more spilling aromas
  • Great for taking to fetish clubs
  • Easy to use and simple to clean
  • Stylish and practical

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    Detailed description

    Fed up of spilling your bottles of aroma?

    No pockets in your gear to carry your bottles?

    You need the Moi Steel Aroma Inhaler!

    This nifty little gadget is perfect for using at the club or in the bedroom, and is stylish as well as practical.
    It's simple to use and easy to clean too.

    Comes with lace to wear around neck.


    1) Unscrew the locking pin and remove the double inhaler section

    2) Unscrew the inhalor pins and fill with cotton wool or cigarette filters (something absorbant)

    3) Pour aroma into pins or soak pins in aroma.

    4) Screw pins back together and screw inhalor back together


    Wash clean after use.