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Ultimate Humbler

Price: £99.98
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  • Weight:
    1.270 Kgs
  • Stainless Steel
  • Humbler, Ball Crusher, Ball Weight and Ball Stretcher in one!
  • Locking Post
  • Padlock Included
  • Removable Spiked Ball Crusher Plate
  • Stainless Steel loops to attach restraints
  • The Ultimate CBT Device!

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Detailed description

This evil device is something every man should fear!

Pulling his balls back behind his legs, once locked on, the torture can really begin!
The first ring can be gradually moved down the bars, stretching the balls further and further away.

Once they have been stretched out, the spiked crusher plate can be lowered into place!

Weighing at over 1kg, this device also acts as a ball weight, and he will certainly know he's wearing it!

Each side features a Stainless Steel Loop to attach restraints, keeping him under control and at your mercy!