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Stretch Fist Pump

Price: £45.98
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    0.290 Kgs
  • Made from thick, durable latex
  • Inflatable fist plug
  • Soft, fist shaped inner foam core
  • Moulded, fingers, fist and arm
  • Tapered fingers for easy insertion
  • Doubles in volume!
  • Hand pump with quick release valve

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Detailed description

This huge Stretch Fist Pump is built for serious players!

Made from silicone, this impressive fist shaped inflatable plug has a soft fist shaped inner foam core, making insertion easy, but intense!
Shaped to feel like you're having a deep fisting session, this plug includes moulded fingers, fist and arm so you feel like you're getting the real thing!

Once fully inserted, start pumping it up and let it fill every part of your insides!

The attached pump allows the plug to double in size, satisfying nearly every hole. And the simple twist release valve allows you to control the rate of deflation too.

Go wider, go deeper, and stretch it to the max!


Deflated measurements:

Length - 25cm

Max Diameter - 7.5cm

Max Circumference - 23.5cm