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Foley Retainable Catheter

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These is a Foley Retainable Catheter, a flexible tube that is passed through the urethra and into the bladder. It stays in place there by inflating the little balloon once it passed the bladder opening.

The tube of a Foley catheter has two separated channels running down its length. One channel is open at both ends, and allows urine to drain out. The other channel has a valve on the outside end and connects to a balloon at the tip; the balloon is inflated with sterile water (preferably) or simple air, when it lies inside the bladder, in order to stop it from slipping out.

The act of insertion into the dick of your willing or unwilling ‘victim’ is of course already quite hefty, since the inside of the urethra is densely packed with nerve endings. But the real kick – if you’re into this game – is the total loss of control over your piss and your ability to hold it. It just flows out of the body, into … (feel free to fill in the blanks). What a mind-fuck!

Made of silicone covered natural latex, these Foley Catheters are soft and flexible top-of-the-class catheters which are also being used in hospitals.

Playing with catheters is a serious game that requires safety procedures: sterility being the main one. A urine or bladder infection is something you certainly do not want. Here they are:

  • These catheters are individually sterile packed and are disposable. Never re-use them.
  • Play hygienically and as sterile as possible (wash up with disinfecting soap first, clean the penis with sterilising alcohol and always use surgical gloves).
  • Use only 100% sterile lube (such as a new tube of KY or even better: Instillagel ).
  • Rule of Thumb: when it starts to really hurt: STOP.

But once you’ve got these measurements taken, this is a fantastic game to play…

A small 5 ml syringe is included with the product to inflate / deflate the holding balloon. Available  in three different gauges:

  • Ch 16 = 5.33 mm diameter, for the beginner
  • Ch 20 = 6.67 mm diameter, for more advanced players
  • Ch 24 = 8.00 mm diameter, for the hard core aficionados.

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