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Mystim Pubic Enemy 3 Chastitycage

Price: £109.99
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  • Weight:
    0.451 Kgs
  • Electro Chastity Cage
  • Chastity device with electro stimulation
  • Includes testicle squeezer
  • From a gentle tingle to an intense pulsation
  • Use with or without electro
  • Mobile joints for flexibility
  • Adjustable
  • Hard, clam shell storage pouch
  • Instructions in 7 languages
  • Includes spacers with "teeth" for extra stimulation
  • Includes 2mm long cable for Mystim devices
  • Includes metal padlock and 5 plastic locks
  • Includes ownership signs to be displayed on the cage
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Detailed description

PUBIC ENEMY NO 3 - Now control him!

He has enjoyed his sexual freedom for far too long. With the Pubic Enemy No 3 he will be severely restricted.
In this high quality penis cage with E-Stim function and testicle squeezer, a rebellious rascal and his two identical companions are put behind bars.

The diabolical three can only become stiff when someone takes pity and sets him free.



Of course, tenacious misbehaviour must be punished. According to the mood of the Master or Mistress and the intensity you deserve.

With the conductive surfaces left and right in the cage, a gentle tingling, a violent twitching or an intense pulsation will run through the limbs. Since the conductive surfaces can be removed in no time at all, our E-Stim chastity device is also suitable for stubborn first offenders.


Size Adjustment

Even though the Pubic Enemy No 3 offers room for manoeuvre thanks to its mobile joints and sophisticated features, there are, however, no possibilities for breaking free.

The length of the penis cage can be individually adjusted in 4 steps and the diameter of the clamp can be fixed to six different thicknesses. In addition to being trapped inside the main cage, his testicles are also locked away in an escape-proof manner - the size-adjustable testicle squeezer shows him who is boss.

Included are spacers with harsh "teeth" to add to the suffering! Harsh conditions of detention!


Scope of delivery

Hard shell, hard core: In its elegant hard-shell case, the Pubic Enemy No 3 including accessories is stored discreetly and securely. Included are the detailed instructions for use in seven languages and the matching 2mm pin long electrode cable for connection to the Mystim stimulation current devices.


Enforced safe custody

No chance for escape: A metal lock with an engraved Mystim coat of arms and a set of five plastic disposable seals would immediately prevent escape. And even forgetful subs are thought of - with a stack of signs featuring the inscription " Hands off! This prisoner belongs to ___".

Inserted into the holder of the penis cage, each sign is a reminder of who owns the contents of the cage.


Technical details
  • Type: E-Stim penis cage
  • Length 82 mm; can be extended by 4 mm each with the 3 supplied spacers
  • Inner diameter 34 mm at the inlet, 47 mm at the widest point
  • Inner diameter of clamp adjustable in 6 steps from 33 mm to 52 mm
  • Plastic corpus with removable medical silicone baffles
  • 2 poles (bi-polar)
  • Stylish hard-shell case
  • Spacers with "teeth" included
  • Incl. metal lock with 2 keys, 5 plastic seals and 10 ownership labels
  • Electrode cable included
  • Requires a power box
  • Connection via Mystim Plug
  • 24 months warranty
  • Instructions in GER, ENG, FRA, ITA, ESP, NL, and RUS