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Mystim Opus E-Masturbator - Anal

Price: £88.00
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    0.680 Kgs
  • Compatible with all stimulation current devices
  • Turn it wireless with the Sultry Sub adapter
  • Life-like feel - feels deceptively real
  • Sophisticated combination of masturbator and e-stim

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Detailed description


The Opus E masturbator is a true masterpiece in every possible way.

Rather understated at first glance, the anal version in particular has a lot to offer. Its inviting anus is literally waiting to be inspected.

With Opus E, true art lovers spontaneously reach for their tools themselves and embark with delight on a sensual journey of discovery into deeper realms.

Opus E is an electro masturbator which can be connected to any electro power box, and produces shockingly good results!

A small air hole at the end of the tunnel aids with airflow and eases friction when in use, so you can play comfortably and enjoy every sensation and stroke!



A water-based lubricant or conductive gel such as Bonnie & Glide is ideal. In combination with a stimulation current device, you'll receive additional electrical impulses from the pads to the left and right of the sleeve. You can choose the intensity of the stimulation current, from a gentle tingling to a slight twitching to a stronger pulsation.

Opus E masturbators are fully compatible with all stimulation current devices. They work best with the Mystim Cluster Buster and Sultry Subs, but you can use any other device you wish.


Cleaning & Care

All parts can be thoroughly cleaned with water and mild soap.

Before putting the Opus E back together or using it again, allow it to dry completely. A skin-friendly disinfectant is a good idea at regular intervals.

To maintain the velvety feeling of Opus E for a long time, always use a special care powder.