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Home Bondage & Fetish Electrosex Control Boxes ElectraStim Flux Electro Sex Stimulator Unit

ElectraStim Flux Electro Sex Stimulator Unit

Price: £275.99
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  • Weight:
    0.650 Kgs
  • Easy to use electro stimulation unit
  • Versatile and high power play
  • Dual output
  • 99 Intensity levels
  • 6 play modes, each with different settings
  • OLED graphic display
  • Microphone and line-in modes
  • Flick & Tilt modes
  • USB rechargeable
  • Quick charge
  • Includes case, belt clip, charging cable, line-in cable, 2 x 2mm cables and 4 conductive pads

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Detailed description

The ElectraStim Flux is designed to deliver uncomplicated high power play with a versatile range of features that will suit doms, subs and everyone in between!

Flux boasts two outputs so you can enjoy up to two accessories at the same time during play and has enough intensity to satisfy even the hardest of players.
The 99 intensity levels and 6 play modes provide you with a huge range of sensations and experiences, which can all be seen on the OLED graphic display.

With microphone and line-in audio options, you can use your favourite music or sounds to generate sensations. Feel every beat with the line-in option or use the microphone to control the intensity using your voice!

Flux also includes the incredibly popular flick and tilt modes, exclusive to ElectraStim. Simply "flick" the unit to generate a surge of power, or tilt it left and right to control the channels.
Designed for ease of use, Flux features simple menu controls, an easy to read display and lots of other features to keep things convenient for quick, straightforward use.
Rechargeable by USB, there's no more changing batteries mid-session. You can keep track of the battery level on the unit, and even when it does run out of juice, you can quick charge it back up to around 80% in under an hour!
Flux includes a padded, zipped carry case, perfect for storage and travel.
Also included is a belt clip, USB charge and sync cable, stereo line-in cable, 2 x 2mm cables and 4 electro conductive pads. Everything you need to get going!
Flux includes 6 modes of use and 99 intensity levels.
Wave provides a smooth, rolling sensation over a variety of different patterns.
For shorter and sharper pulsations, pulse mode features a range of pre-programmed pulse patterns that are perfect for intense play.
ElectraStim's patented "flick" feature uses an internal accelerometer to allow stimulation generated by the stimulator's motion.
Create your own stimulation effects by simply tilting and rolling Flux through 360 degrees for interactive play.
Allow voices or music to control your sensations from near to far with 10 sensitivity levels.
Line-In Audio
Create or use pre-defined sound sequences or feed in your favourite audio to experience endless dual channel stereo-stim possibilities.