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Home Bondage & Fetish Electrosex Insertables ElectraStim Habanero Silicone Fusion Prostate Plug

ElectraStim Habanero Silicone Fusion Prostate Plug

Price: £79.00
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    0.270 Kgs
  • Electro Prostate Plug
  • Bigger brother of the Sirius
  • Rocker base for even more stimulation
  • Bendable shaft
  • Platinum cured medical grade silicone
  • Stealth entry cable system
  • Intense, targeted prostate stimulation

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Detailed description

Inspired by the success of the ElectraStim Sirius Prostate Massager, Habanero takes all the best bits of its little brother and turns the pleasure up to eleven!

Girthier and heavier for more stability, Habanero features a ‘rocker base’ that protects the cables and allows the user to literally sit and rock for intense internal stimulation.

The shaft can also be bent into position for customised prostate precision - Habanero stays in the position you prefer for as long as required.



Transform your play with the Habanero Electro Sex Prostate Massager- expertly designed for the most intense play whether used alone or with a partner.

Made from luxurious red silicone, the curved design of Habanero provides a pleasurable feeling of fullness while targeting the prostate directly with the curved tip.

Black silicone highlights the electro conductive areas on the side of Habanero; deliberately positioned to cause your internal muscles to clench and pulsate with pleasure while the smooth silicone tip rubs against the p-spot. The combination of electro stimulation and physical pressure provides a mind-blowing experience that will leave you desperate to experience more.

Utilising the ‘stealth entry’ system that hides and protects the stimulator cables during use, you can also sit and rock on Habanero for more intense sensations. Even without electro stimulation applied, the ergonomic shape of Habanero is fantastic for grinding and thrusting play against the prostate, making this a versatile choice for a wide variety of users.

Habanero also boasts our 'Shape and Play' technology in the spine that allows you to bend it to your precise requirements and will stay in place until you change it.

Compatible with any of ElectraStim's stimulator units (sold separately), Habanero should always be used with a good quality water-based lubricant for the best possible sensations.



How To Use Habanero

Habanero is designed for prostate stimulation so it is important to take your time during insertion as with any anal play. A good quality water based lubricant will enhance the electro sensations as well as aid comfortable insertion so is highly recommended.

To enjoy the electro-sensations, connect Habanero to your stimulator (sold separately) using the stealth connection ports in the base.

You will probably find this easier to do before insertion, but ALWAYS completely insert Habanero before turning the stimulation on. Trying to insert with stimulation already applied can feel uncomfortable.

Habanero should be inserted so that the cables protrude forwards/upwards depending on your position. When the ridges on the base rest against the perineum you have Habanero correctly oriented.

Stealth-Entry Base

The unique ‘stealth’ entry base of Habanero not only allows you to sit on (and grind against) the toy, but also hides and protects the wires during use. Cable storage notches in the base help to keep the wires neat for uninterrupted play.

Shape and Play

Habanero features ‘Shape and Play’ technology in the tip that allows it to be formed into subtly different positions. Bend the tip to your desired position; it will then stay in that position until changed again.


Total Length: 131mm (5.16 inches)
Insertable Length: 96mm (3.77 inches)
Diameter at the widest point: 41mm (1.61 inches)
Circumference at the widest point: 125.6mm (4.94 inches)
Connector size: 2mm (adapters available for 4mm systems)


Includes drawstring storage bag.


Platinum cured medical grade silicone