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Conoid Ball Weight Large

Price: £58.00
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  • Weight:
    0.430 Kgs
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cone-shaped for comfort
  • Locks with included Hex Key
  • Ball stretcher and ball weight in one
  • 830g weight

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Detailed description

Conoid Ball Weights are an intense family of ball stretchers, designed for hardcore players!

Each weight is made from Stainless Steel and has been shaped into a smooth cone, allowing for maximum pleasure and confort.
From beginners to the more experienced, this family of ball stretchers has a weight suited to all.

The weights lock shut using the included Hex key.


The largest Conoid is only for hardcore players! The sheer weight of this (around 830g!) will pull your nuts down and stretch that sack. Not recommended for the inexperienced!



Cleaning - Sterilise in hot, soapy water before use.




Hole diameter - Approx 3.5cm

Height - Approx 7cm

Weight - Approx 830g