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VerSpanken Water Wieners Insert Bumpy

Price: £5.99
List Price: £10.00
Discount: £4.01 (40.10%)
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  • Upgrade your VerSpanken masturbator
  • Liquid-filled inserts
  • Bumps for added stimulation
  • Enjoy a totally new way to play
  • Heat or chill

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Detailed description

Upgrade your VerSpanken Masturbator with Water Wieners!


Different to the foam inserts that come as standard with the VerSpanken Masturbator, Water Wieners are fluid filled inserts designed to provide you with a totally new way to play!


Warm or chill them for even more fun.


This bumpy version features textured nubs for increased sensation.


Can only be used with the VerSpanken masturbator.