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Mystim Opus E-Masturbator - Vagina

Price: £88.00
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    0.680 Kgs
  • Compatible with all stimulation current devices
  • Turn it wireless with the Sultry Sub adapter
  • The plunging in feels deceptively real
  • Sophisticated combination of masturbator and e-stim

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Detailed description


OPUS E – Vagina

The Opus E Vaginal masturbator displays a delicate, feminine vagina housed in a beautifully designed holder.  A small air hole at the end of the masturbator helps to give a life-like feel, making the Opus E a joy to experience.



To achieve standing ovations during the act of love with Opus E, a water-based lubricant or conducting gel such as Bonnie & Glide or The Goldfather is recommended. In combination with a stimulation current device such as the Cluster Buster, you'll experience electrical impulses from the contact points to the left and right of the sleeve.

You can choose the intensity of the stimulation current yourself or have it chosen by your partner. From a gentle tingling or slight twitchings to powerful pulsations. The Opus E masturbators are fully compatible with all stimulation current devices.


With the Mystim Cluster Buster and Sultry Sub, it becomes even better and is transformed into remote-controlled, wireless E-Stim masturbator.


Cleaning & Care

All parts can be thoroughly cleaned with water and mild soap. Before putting the Opus E back together or using it again, allow it to dry completely. A skin-friendly disinfectant is a good idea at regular intervals. To maintain the velvety feeling of Opus E for a long time, always use a special care powder such as Virgin Wonder.