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Strict Leather Bed Restraint Kit

Price: £53.99
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  • Weight:
    0.700 Kgs
  • Bed restraint system
  • Adjustable straps
  • Padded restraints
  • Removable wrist and ankle restraints
  • Locking buckles
  • Super resistant nylon straps
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Detailed description


Strap your partner down to the bed and turn them into your personal submissive pet!

Instantly transform your bed into a piece of bondage furniture, perfect for opening your lover up, spread eagle!

They will be writhing in ecstasy as you please, tease, and torment their helpless body.


The sturdy cuffs are lined with comfortable padding so that you play things wrists and ankles will not grow sore as play sessions last long into the evening.

The buckle allows for a wide range of adjustment to fit most sizes, and also locks so that your lover will feel even more deliciously trapped and confined.

Just slide the restraint set under your mattress and pull the cuffs and straps up at the corners.


Adjust the straps as needed to fit all bed sizes. Spice up your sex life and you will never want to get out of bed! 


Cuffs - 8 inches inner circumference

Straps measure up to 66 inches, centre straps measure up to 55 inches.