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Home Bondage & Fetish Gas Masks & Breath Control Universal 3-Way Hose Connectors

Universal 3-Way Hose Connectors

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    0.300 Kgs
  • Connect gas masks and accessories in a number of configurations
  • Standard screw-fit connections
  • Complete set (female and male ends)
  • Versitile and unique design
  • Perfect for lovers of gas mask play

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Detailed description


This Universal 3-Way Hose Connector set is designed to be used with your favourite standard screw-fit gas mask.
It has been designed so that you can use it in whatever configuration you require.

For example, you can have 2 male ends and one female end (used to screw two gas masks into one accessory) or 1 male end and 2 female ends (for connecting 2 accessories to one gas mask). You can also have any other combination (eg 3 male or 3 female ends).

Versitile and unique, this set is ideal for those who love gas mask play and fits all standard screw fit gas masks and accessories.


Included is a roll of PTFE Tape and a rubber gasket/washer, which can be used around the threads to create an even tighter seal. These are not essential, but can help to keep the connectors as airtight as possible. 


Set includes: One main connector part (with female ends), 3 removable male connectors, one rubber gasket and one roll of PTFE tape.

Please note: The connectors are 3D printed and some slight discolouration may be present from the material used. This is normal and does not affect the use or function of the set.