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Commander Anal Hook

Price: £39.99
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    0.700 Kgs
  • Stainless Steel Anal Hook with handle
  • Lead unruly subs around the club or playroom, easily and effectively
  • Keeps your sub from misbehaving
  • Can also be used as a double ender
  • 40mm anal ball

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Detailed description


The stainless steel Commander Anal Hook is designed to be used on unruly subs. 

Once inserted, the sub can be led around using the fixed handle, literally turning your slave into a puppet who has to move wherever you steer them!

Perfect for guiding your sub around the playroom or fetish club, it's a great way of keeping your misbehaving sub under your control. 


With each movement of the handle, they'll feel the hook moving around inside, creating pleasurable stimulation during use. 

Or, use the handle as an insertable for even more fun. 

You could even use it as a double ender, or force your sub to become your own sex toy by using the handle as a dildo once the hook is firmly in place inside your sub!


Why command them with your voice when you can simply command them by steering them? 


40mm size anal ball.