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Home Bondage & Fetish Nipple Play & Torture Thai Pain Stick Nipple Clamp Stick

Thai Pain Stick Nipple Clamp Stick

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  • Great nipple torturing device
  • For intense pleasure / pain, and leaves access to the nipple for further stimulation
  • Increase or decrease the sensation by moving the slider rings
  • Easy to apply, even with slippery fingers
  • With metal hook for extra weigths or bondage

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Detailed description


The Black Label Thai Pain Stick is an easy to operate nipple torturing device for both nipples, which leaves the nipples still accessible for play.
The Black Label Thai Pain Stick is a 50 cm long metal rod which is joined at each end. Put the nipples in between the rods, and gradually increase the pressure on them by sliding the rubber rings towards the nipples.
Because the nipples are still accessible for play with this Thai Pain Stick on, other stimulation methods remain options. Lick them, try temperature play or add another pair of clamps.
For an even more intense experience, add weights to the hook in the middle or use it for extra bondage.