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Home Bondage & Fetish Gas Masks & Breath Control "The Drone" 5-way Gas Mask Hose Connector with Shut-Off Valves

"The Drone" 5-way Gas Mask Hose Connector with Shut-Off Valves

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  • 5-Way Gas Mask Hose Connector
  • Includes 4 shut-off valve taps
  • Connect multiple gas masks to one shared accessory
  • Connect multiple accessories to one gas mask
  • Standard screw fit - fits S10, S10.2, Russian Gas Masks and more
  • Various options available
Centre Top Connection:
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Detailed description


All Female connections as standard - choose your options if you require male connections.


"The Drone" with Shut-Off Valves is designed to be used in two different ways. 

This unusual and exciting Gas Mask accessory allows for multiple gas masks to be connected to one shared accessory, such as our Inhalator Pot. Great for using with multiple subs in the playroom!

The 4 shut-off valve taps allow you to turn off individual gas mask connections, so you can use it with 1, 2, 3 or 4 different gas masks!


You can also use "The Drone" to connect multiple accessories to one single gas mask. As there are 4 shut-off valve taps, each accessory can be controlled independently when connected in this configuration.


"The Drone" uses standard screw-fit connections, so works with all standard screw-fit Gas Masks, such as the S10, the S10.2, the Russian Gas Mask and more!


Works with all standard screw-fit accessories, such as our Inhalator Pot, Bubble Bottle and Hoses.


Various configurations available (select in the options).

F= Female connection

M= Male connection

Eg: F-F-M-M = 2 Female connections and 2 Male connections on the shut-off valve taps.