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E-Stim 2B Digital Link Interface

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  • Keep your 2B Power Box updated
  • Connect your 2B to a PC or Mac
  • Control your 2B over the internet, from anywhere in the world
  • Play with others online
  • Access to Commander3, UpLink2 and Connect!
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E-Stim 2B Digital Link Interface
E-Stim 2B Digital Link Interface

Detailed description

The 2B Digital Link Interface from E-Stim Systems allows you to connect your 2B Power Box directly to your PC.

Various control programs such as Commander3 will then allow you to control your 2B from your PC or Mac, while UpLink2 will allow you to keep your 2B up to date with the latest Firmware!

Perfect for when new software versions and programs are released, you can keep your 2B up to date and it even allows you to control your power box over the internet!


Digital Link also includes access to Connect!

E-Stim Connect is a brand new system that allows you quick, easy and secure remote control of a 2B Power Box over the Internet via a simple program and a web browser.

Plug a 2B into a PC or Mac, run E-Stim Connect and then share the secure and unique connection key with your partner - anywhere in the world. As long as they have a device with Internet access, from a PC to a mobile phone, iPhone to Android, Tablet to Mac, they can control your 2B from the comfort of their device, anywhere, anytime.

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