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Oxballs CockSling 2 Clear

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Looking for the perfect cockring? Look no further! The Cocksling 2 is the ultimate cockring!

This is the new and improved version of the Cocksling from Oxballs, and boy, will you love it!

Perfect for oral, anal, piss play and accenting your bulge, the opening have been reshaped to give an even better fitting!

The Cocksling 2 Grips your nuts firmly, squeezes the base of the cock keeping it rock hard and keeps you harder for longer!

It even features an anatomical channel underneath, allowing the wearer to piss easily while wearing!

Made from Flex TPR, and is safe to use with all water/oil/silicone based lubricants.


Cock & Ball Hole: 1 1/8"

Cock Hole: 1"

Ball Hole: 1"

Length: 2"

Weight: 2oz


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