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ElectraStim Prestige ElectraLoops

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    0.250 Kgs
  • Thicker ElectraLoops, designed for a better sensation
  • Rings hug your cock tightly for a longer lasting erection
  • Wear for masturbation or during sex
  • Features a solid CNC Aluminium choke
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Available in 3 colours
  • Each pack includes 2 loops
  • Made from super-conductive rubber

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Detailed description

Expand your pleasure with ElectraStim Prestige ElectraLoops.

Building on ElectraStim's hugely popular rubber cock loops design, Prestige ElectraLoops are made from a thick (6.5mm) rubber that transfers the delicious electro sensations more evenly for increased intensity.

The rubber also hugs your cock tightly for a harder, longer lasting erection whether you’re enjoying an extended masturbation session or having sex with a partner.

Designed for the connoisseur who appreciates a touch of flair,  there's a solid CNC machined aluminium adjustment choke that’s available in three stunning anodized colour finishes. Simply slide the adjustment end through the choke to create your perfect fit- the friction of the rubber against the metal will prevent slipping or loosening.

With two in each pack, you can start playing straight away and ElectraStim Prestige ElectraLoops are unipolar toys so can be combined with any other electrodes (including pads, probes and more) to create a circuit and let you enjoy the electrical stimulation.

Try one loop at the base of your penis and another further up your shaft for a mind blowing experience or even an Hands Free Orgasm as the electrical current pulsates and massages your cock more deeply than you ever could.

Please note that you will require a power box to power these loops (sold separately).


What's Included With ElectraStim Prestige ElectraLoops?

  • 6.5mm thick conductive rubber loop.
  • CNC machined adjustment choke made from aircraft grade aluminium billet.
  • Anodized colour finish which protects the surface plus insulates the choke so the rubber loop receives all the stimulation power.
  • Adjustable up to 60mm/2.35 inches in diameter.
  • 2mm pins- compatible with all ElectraStim stimulators (sold separately)

Suggestions For Wear:

ElectraStim Prestige ElectraLoops wear suggestions

ElectraStim Prestige ElectraLoops can be worn in a variety of different ways. Two of the most popular configurations are shown above; both loops worn on the shaft or one on the shaft and one around the scrotum.

As Prestige ElectraLoops are unipolar you can also combine a single loop with another attachment (i.e. pads or a butt plug) to enjoy a variety of sensations. The only limit is your imagination!

Electrode Type

Uni-polar for external stimulation – takes 1x 2mm pin connector. 2 ElectraLoops with metal finish are included in each pack. You will need to connect Prestige ElectraLoops to an ElectraStim stimulator to feel electrostimulation. We recommend you also purchase the electro-conductive gel to ensure you can feel sensation clearly.


Adjustable up to 60mm/2.35 inches in diameter


ElectraLoops are made from super-conductive rubber (6.5mm thick) with a machined aluminium adjustment choke. Anodized finish that will not flake or dull and is non-conductive so all of the stimulation is transferred through the rubber. Phthalate-free.

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