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Home Bondage & Fetish Vacuum Pumping LA Pump Two Stage Isolator Cylinder

LA Pump Two Stage Isolator Cylinder

Price: £229.98
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    0.300 Kgs
  • Professional pumping cylinders
  • Various sizes
  • Designed for extreme and advanced pumping
  • Pumps the penis and testicles separately
  • Hand-crafted, diamond cut and flame polished material
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • No rubber gasket required

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Detailed description


LA Pump offers a unique and varied assortment for advanced pumping, unseen elsewhere in the world. The LA Pump Two Stage Isolator Cylinder is designed with separate chambers for your penis and balls, with different levels of vacuum pressure, pulling your penis up and out, and pulling your testicles away from the body.

This special cylinder is made with three chambers and two valves. The most important measurement is for the penis chamber. In order for this cylinder to work to its fullest, you must be able to fill the penis chamber from side wall to side wall.

After you fill the penis chamber, a second valve allows for adjusting of pressure in the chamber filled with your testicles. With the increase of pressure in the testicle chamber, your testicles are pulled forward, away from the body.


How to determine your size

Measure the diameter of the shaft of your penis after pumping with a regular cylinder. Choose the same diameter or one size smaller for your Two Stage Isolator Cylinder because you want the shaft to fill the shaft chamber wall to wall.


  • Hand crafted, diamond cut, flame polished cylinder
  • With separate chamber for the balls, pulling them out and away from the body
  • Includes a quick connect/disconnect safety valve that maintains the vacuum after you disconnect the pump
  • Pump NOT included
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Available sizes (inner diameters of the shaft chamber):

1.75 inch (44 mm)

2.00 inch (50 mm)

2.25 inch (57 mm)

2.5 inch (64 mm)