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Home Bondage & Fetish Vacuum Pumping Vacuum Pumping Extension Hose - Y-Splitter Set

Vacuum Pumping Extension Hose - Y-Splitter Set

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  • Introduce a Y-Splitter hose set into your existing vacuum pumping set up
  • Extend the length from the pump to the body
  • Connect your pump to two cylinders (such as nipple cylinders)
  • Y-Splitter connection between the hoses
  • Compatible with various systems

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Detailed description



Extend your vacuum pumping tubing with this Y-Splitter extension hose set. 

Allows you to add length to the hose so your vacuum pump doesn't have to be as close to the body. 

Perfect for use with nipple cylinders, as the Y-Splitter connection splits both hoses at just the right angle.


Each length of hose is 1 metre and includes a male connector on each of the split ends and a female end on the other (for attaching to your vacuum pump).


As the hose is strong and tough, it won't collapse when under pressure.


Works with:

  • LA Pump
  • MisterB 
  • Dr Kaplan
  • Boston Pumps