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Home Clothing Rubber Clothing Accessories Vivishine Latex Care XXL 500ml

Vivishine Latex Care XXL 500ml

Price: £25.00
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  • Weight:
    0.550 Kgs
  • Maximum Shine
  • Conditions rubber and Latex
  • Odourless formula
  • Easy to use
  • Lasting shine
  • Prevents rubber sticking to itself
  • Solvent and scent free formula
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Detailed description

It Shines. It conditions. It stops sticking. It's odourless. It lasts months with just one application!

Vivishine is a latex care product which boasts many features.
It's so easy to use. Simply add a couple of drops to water, move your latex around in it and then hang it up and allow to dry. And that's it!
Vivishine coats the latex, inside and out, giving it an amazingly reflective shine, after just one application. The shine will last and last, meaning that you don't have to keep applying the product each time you wear it!
Some lubrications and polishes will seep into the rubber and can cause damage. Vivishine actually conditions the rubber, and helps to prevent this type of damage, helping your garments to last longer.
After the initial application, instantly you will see that the latex will stop sticking to itself, even while it is drying! It makes it incredibly easy to dry your garments and to put them on!
Vivishine is completely odourless. Your rubber will still have that great rubbery smell, and won't smell of the chemicals that are contained in many other polishes and lubrications.
This bottle is sure to last and last, as Vivishine treated garments remain shiny, coated and looking great for longer than other brands.

After trying Vivishine, you'll wonder why you hadn't tried it sooner!