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Venus 2000 Spare Receiver

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You should still fill in your measurements or provide us with you Venus Receiver size e.g. 200-070-200 and we can find the nearest and best match for you.


This is the primary Venus attachment, a stroking device for manual or automated use.


All Venus attachments are custom-built for you based on the measurements you provide. A clear acrylic housing is fitted with dry natural rubber liner which creates a seal or hugs and massages the penis. Our liner material is a dry natural rubber and is manufactured in a way that essentially eliminates the ingredients that cause allergies.



Receiver size if already known (eg 250-070-212):
Measurements if Receiver Size is not already known.:
Circumference Around Erect Penis Head (#1):
Circumference immediately behind the erect penis head (#2):
Circumference Half way down the erect shaft (#3):
Erect Circumference One Inch away from body (#4):
Erect Length from Topside to tip of penis (#5):
Flaccid Circumference one inch away from body (#6):
Average Flaccid circumference (#7):
Maximum expected Length (#8):

Please Allow 4-10 working days for Delivery

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