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Venus 2000 Spare Receiver

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    0.250 Kgs

Please note that this spare part is ordered when we have an order of a Venus Machine for the manufacturer. Ordering these parts are made on the understanding that delivery make take some months. We will advise you when your items have been ordered from the manufacturer.


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starts at £2.99
starts at £4.99
Receiver size if already known (eg 250-50-70):
Measurements if Receiver Size is not already known.:
Circumference Around Erect Penis Head :
Circumference immediately behind the erect penis head:
Circumference Half way down the erect shaft:
Erect Circumference One Inch away from body:
Erect Length from Topside to tip of penis:
Flaccid Circumference one inch away from body:
Average Flaccid circumference :
Maximum expected Length:


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Venus 2000 Spare Receiver
Venus 2000 Spare Receiver

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