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Premium Venus 2000/ Tremblr Harness Additional Receiver Rings

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    0.500 Kgs
  • Extra receiver rings for your Premium Leather Harness
  • Choose from Venus 2000 rings or Tremblr rings
  • Great for those with multiple receivers
  • Includes 2 rings and 2 rubber bands
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Detailed description


These rings work with the Venus 2000 and Tremblr Premium Leather Receiver Harness.

If you need to order additional rings to fit different sized receivers, or you need to replace your current Receiver Ring set, this kit is exactly what you need. 


If you have multiple receivers of different sizes, these rings will allow you to use different sized receivers with your current Premium Leather Harness. Perfect for those who have multiple receivers. 

Or if you're lucky enough to own both a Venus 2000 AND a Tremblr, you can buy additional rings to allow you to use either with your existing harness. 

Lost your old rings? This set will replace them and allow you to continue using your harness. 

Fed up of changing the rings from one 200 receiver to another? Buy extra rings and keep them fixed onto each receiver permanently.


The kit contains:

2 x Receiver rings in your chosen size (inc screws and nuts)

2 x Rubber bands (for extra grip if required)


Please note: You will need to use the Allen Key and locking nut that came with your harness to attach the rings to your receiver. Please refer to the instruction sheet with your harness for more information.

This is a stock item, however, due to the various different options, not all variants may be in stock at all times. If you need to know before you order, please use our contact form here. You will be emailed automatically to inform you of any delays.