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Home Sex Machines Machines & Devices Venus 2000 *** Official UK Distributor ***

Venus 2000 *** Official UK Distributor ***

Price: £1,149.98
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  • Weight:
    8.000 Kgs
  • Durably built for a lifetime of use.
  • Adjustable stroke length.
  • Variable stroke speed from 8 to 300 strokes per minute.
  • Portable, lightweight, compact and quiet.
  • Operates on standard electricity (115V or 230V).
  • Custom built attachments for perfect pleasure.
  • Produces incredible orgasms.
  • Can be used with or without a partner.
  • Can climax without erection.
  • Use in any position: up, down or sideways.
  • Easy to set-up, use, clean and put away.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Can be used to train yourself against premature ejaculation.
  • Regular use can maintain penile health.
Please select one statement below and then fill in your measurements in Centimeters :
Circumference Around Erect Penis Head (#1):
Circumference immediately behind the erect penis head (#2):
Circumference Half way down the erect shaft (#3):
Erect Circumference One Inch away from body (#4):
Erect Length from Topside to tip of penis (#5):
Flaccid Circumference one inch away from body (#6):
Average Flaccid circumference (#7):
Maximum expected Length (#8):
T Connector & Hose :

Allow 10-21 working days for Delivery

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Detailed description

The Venus 2000 is the leading made to measure male masturbation machine. Made to your exact measurements, the Venus 2000 will provide you with pleasurable stimulation and enjoyable sensations without tiring!

Made in the USA, it's world renound for being the gold standard in masturbation & milking machines since 1993, and we are proud to be official distributors of this highly admired piece of kit!


Whether you decide to use your Venus 2000 in the bedroom or in the playroom or dungeon, the high quality components of this mighty machine are designed to last and last. You can trust the Venus 2000 to bring you excitement and enjoyment everytime!


How Does It Work ?

The Venus 2000 has a gearmotor that drives a reciprocating diaphragm. Air moves to and from the outer chamber of the Receiver by a connecting hose. The amount of air in the system, or lack of it, is adjustable and determines the stroke length. Most men can adjust it to move the full length of their shaft. To use it, you simply put some lubricant in the Receiver and place the head of your penis to the opening. When you turn the Venus 2000 on it will suck you in. It has the velvety feel of a well lubricated partner. Venus can be set to a soft and sensual 8 strokes per minute, or you can crank it up to a ball shaking 300 strokes per minute. You decide what you want and Venus complies with your wishes.

What's included?

  • The Venus 2000 with Remote Control. (Includes Detachable Power Cord, Detachable Remote on 4ft Cable, 4ft Hose-Set, Air Control Box, 5.5 oz Glide Lubricant, 1/8" Allen Wrench, Spare 6.3 Amp Fuse, Warranty and Instruction Manuals).
  • Bespoke Receiver Kit (Includes a Custom Receiver,  Storage Bag, and 30" of Replacement Liner Material)


UK Customers

Buying within the UK, the price also includes:

All import shipping costs, import duties (2.7%), VAT (20%), courier import fees (2.5%) (usually in excess of $360 in total) and either a UK or EU Power Cord.

All you pay is the price below and a delivery charge quoted at checkout.

Also, there are no custom declarations on your parcel.



Typically the Venus 2000 will take 4 to 10 working days to be delivered, as it is imported from the USA.



Each Receiver Unit is made to your measurements. 

Please fill in your details to the right.

Please make sure these details are accurate and exact, as otherwise this will result in a poor fit.

Make sure you supply measurements in centimetres only.

To measure the circumference, we suggest using something like string or ribbon and then laying this onto a ruler.

Please note: If you select B below and the difference between the flaccid & erect circumference is greater than 3/4 inch, then an additional receiver maybe required (£32.99). In this instance, we would contact you discretely via email.

ADDITIONAL RECEIVER UNITS are available. Please select the option to the right and then contact us with the dimensions.

Venus Textured Receiver Liner Sleeves are also available. Let the nubbed liner sleeve add to your sensation. Remember to add this as an option. One size fits all receivers.

PENIS PUMP ATTACHMENTS are also available. Please select if you would like to add one to your order. These are made to measure and we use the measurements you supply for the Receiver Unit for these.

NIPPLE MASSAGERS are also available, they come in a pair. Please select the option to add to your order. (NOTE: You will need additional pipe and a 'T' connector if you wish to use these at the same time as using the receiver unit.)

Please fill in the measurements using centimetres only.


The Venus 2000 has a two-year limited warranty on the power unit, air control box and remote control.

Under normal conditions, it should last for years without any problems.

Physical damage is not covered.

All Venus 2000 attachments are warranted to be free of defects when shipped.

Should you encounter a problem with your V2000 we will be happy to work with you to resolve any issues.


Check out our Guide for more information.


by GDPR 08-06-2018, 09 Sep 2014

I had been looking for a UK Supplier of the Venus machine for ages before I came across the Kinksters... they were really helpful throughout the ordering process and my machine is perfect!

by GDPR 08-06-2018, 30 Apr 2014

OMG! This is, by far, my favourite toy!!! It feels incredible, and as the cylinder is made to measure, it fits perfectly, but can also be used on others too! Great to use on a bound up guy, or simply on yourself when you feel like having some time to yourself. I love how you can change the speed, right from a gentle stroke right up to the most intense pleasure I've ever had! Worth every penny! :)