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Venus 2000 Penis Pump

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The Pump is for recreational vacuum enhancement. It can firm a flaccid penis or enlarge an existing erection. With regular use, the Pump can benefit penile health.

Please note that the Penis Pump Size should be 1" longer than your normal receiver, so for example, a receiver marked 200-060-200 would convert into a Pump 200-070-200

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Receiver size if already known (eg 250-60-200):
Pump Size required if Known (eg 250-070-200:
Measurements if Receiver Size is not already known.:
Circumference Around Erect Penis Head :
Circumference immediately behind the erect penis head:
Circumference Half way down the erect shaft:
Erect Circumference One Inch away from body:
Erect Length from Topside to tip of penis:
Flaccid Circumference one inch away from body:
Average Flaccid circumference :
Maximum expected Length:


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Venus 2000 Penis Pump
Venus 2000 Penis Pump

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